Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tecnica Skandia: Apres Ski Boots

Today I was happy to don my Tecnica Skandia boots and clomp around.

There’s no snow, which is just fine, because these boots are really designed for après ski, for sitting around a large lodge fireplace, drinking hot somethings, warming rosy cheeks, and comparing slopes.

But if you’re me, you would stick to the cross-country trails. I love to race, having been a member of my boarding school’s cross-country ski team, and the gentle slopes that give one’s quads a quick rest are just fine.

I’m also wearing a palomino-colored fitted puffer, in a rare nod to---oh I can’t even write it! You know: the MM phrase. So please just imagine it.

But the retro image far above and below? That's a bit how I feel today, sans snow, of course. I hope we get, in the immortal words of a New York Post headline from years gone by, a S’Noel.*

*The NYP didn’t apostrophize, but I edited here for contextual clarity.


K.Line said...

Gorgeous boots! And maybe the NYP didn't apostrophize because it was going for the "snow" pun? Works better your way.

Miss Cavendish said...

Hi K.Line--The NYP didn't need to apostrophize b/c it had a great photo of a fresh Xmas Eve snowfall to accompany the headline. But since my pun was at the very end of my post, without a snowy image (alas), I went for the more explicative (instead of expletive!) pun.

Belle de Ville said...

I love those boots, I have some just like them, but an earlier model. Alas, I gave up skiing about 10 years ago...which means I gave up apres ski too! But I still have the boots...