Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Barb Desire: Liberty of London Collaborates with Barbour

My love for Liberty of London has been well documented here, as has my affection for Barbour. 

My home is full of Liberty prints, but Barbour has eluded me, though I have worn Mr. C's and felt tremendously warm, dry, sporting and chic, despite the fact that he is over a foot taller than I am.

(Such is the magic of Barbour.)

(And I am not short.)

(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

So gentle readers will understand the racing of my pulse when I learned, via the always-in-the-know Liberty London Girl, that these two terrific companies are collaborating.

A rapid URL-type took me to Liberty's site where I found some lovely Barbour jackets, lined in Liberty.

Here are details of all the tantalizing Tana Lawn /waxed cotton /corduroy collar combinations.  Do tell me if you have a favourite!


Katherine said...

I am loving the red rose print. I do like a contrasting lining. Once upon a time I served in Her Majesty's Armed Forces & often dreamed of having ceremonial uniforms lined in scarlet silk or similar.

I visited Kelmscott Manor today, where William & Jane Morris lived (and Gabriel Dante Rosetti, before he left in a hurry!). The house is full of textiles designed by William and some of Jane's wonderful embroideries.

coffeeaddict said...

In my wildest dreams I imagine wearing a Barbour with my Regent Savoy Hunters (in bitter chocolate) and taking my four dogs (a Great Dane, a Kangal, a Fox terrier and a Beagle) for a walk in the moors after feeding the horses and taking care of the gardens. Having no horses or the funds to purchase an English manor house, I guess I'll have to settle for Barbour and Hunters, those being at least attainable goals