Sunday, July 24, 2011

LA on the East Coast

I grew up in a family of women golfers, and dressing for golf was an important part of the sport: golf skirts and smart tees.

In a little English seaside shop on Nantucket I was brought back to the links of my youth when I saw the clothing by LA label Franklin & Gower

F&G make Rat Pack-era swim trunks for men:

And in a selection of blue, they make cool shorts for women, in microwale cord with a floral stripe:

Hot pants(!)--for women, in seersucker:

And these little skirts that would be perfect for calling "Fore!"

Out of this lot, I could see the (longer) shorts being "fore" me on the east coast. . . if styled in a west coast manner . . .

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Belle de Ville said...

I love to see women and men in smart golf attire. I'm glad that some country clubs still require appropriate dress on the golf course.