Monday, July 4, 2011

Kindred Spirits: Kate Recollects Diana in Charlottetown

Readers of Anne of Green Gables will know that Anne's "bosom friend" is the raven-haired, beautifully dressed Diana Barry.

The Duchess of Cambridge is one such reader, and, while in Charlottetown, she seemed to have been conjuring another "kindred spirit" named Diana: her husband's mother.

In 1983 the newlywed Princess Diana wore a sailor-inspired drop-waist light blue dress with white accents to Province House.  I was lucky enough to snap this Polaroid of her:

And here is a full-length image, not taken by me:

Princess Kate (as my daughter calls her) wore the mirror image to Province House: a cream drop-waist sailor dress with navy trim:

Planned or not, these looks are "pretty" similar, and just plain "pretty."


K.Line said...

Princess Catherine's dress is specatcular, IMO. And I assumed you would post today (of all days). After all, the Royals are in your home environment.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there know where I could purchase a similiar dress? Thank you!!

Miss Cavendish said...

Perhaps a similar dress will be in the making? J Peterman often offers a vintage silhouette, though sometimes more costume-y.