Monday, July 11, 2011

Princess Kate in the Big Apple

When the Duchess of Cambridge landed in the Big Apple last week, she wore a perfect apple-green dress by DVF.

What's that you say?  Where did she land?  Well, then.

At least she didn't land in a puddle, where these silly boots and kneesocks below would have come in handy.  Or footy.

But since DVF is the president of CFDA, and since the CFDA awards take place in New York City, there is that apple-y connection.

In more accurate news, the duchess wore a very pretty Jenny Packham dress to watch her prince lead his polo team to victory.  I've been a fan of Jenny Packham since waaaaay back, since like March 2010

And that rogue military valet really didn't give anything away when he flashed Kate's garment bag, giving the world a sneak peak at this beautiful gown by Alexander McQueen. Or the Daily Mail did, anyway.

Finally, Kate indulged in a bit of granny chic in this Whistles crocheted top and pleated skirt to board her plane home. 

Would gentle readers whistle at this ensemble?  If so, how loudly? 


The Mighty J said...

I like the McQueen. I also loved seeing it being carried by the army - a study in contrast I thought, an evening gown and military gear.

coffeeaddict said...

I love her style, I think it reflects her personality to perfection. Not snotty at all but warm and approachable.
However, I am alarmed at looking at the most recent photos of Kate and I can't help noticing how thin she's become. Maybe her new royal lifestyle is proving to be too stressful. Did anyone else notice that too?