Monday, July 25, 2011

Waist, Not; Want, Yes!

Here on this tiny holiday island there are lots and lots of shops.  And in these shops there are lots and lots and LOTS of dresses and tunics in beautiful, summery, colorful Indian cotton prints.

Some of the dresses have pretty embroidery and sequin embellishments around the neck and hem (tastefully boho, I promise), some simply rely on their gorgeous prints for impact.

But what these lovely garments all lack is a waist. 

Truly, I'd be happy with a hint of  shape, a cut that follows one's contours instead of draping like a tent; a set-in waist, empire or true, is not necessary.

Perhaps one could add a belt to the beautiful tents, but that defeats the ease of a dress for me, and also can result in a puffy silhouette.

I am thinking out loud that a niche needs to be filled.  I now have dreams of producing a line of summery dresses that do not conceal a woman's shape in those perfect Indian cottons. 

I'll do it right after I direct my Jane Eyredale film.


coffeeaddict said...

It would seem the designers are becoming increasingly lazy. I know it takes a lot of time and effort to construct a well fitted garment, but please don't try to short cut the process by saturating ther market with a bunch of shapeless, floaty tunics and calling it the next it trend. We're not buying it!

Jennifer said...

I'm with you--I see so many dresses/tunics that look beautiful until I try them on and they make me look like I'm in lunch lady institutional garb... no waist, no curves... skin-tight or paper bag loose are our only two choices? And no matter how many editorial shoots show the rail-thin models in belted tunics et al. it just doesn't work on the average regular non-model woman!

WendyB said...

I bring things like that to my tailor and create a waist!