Friday, July 29, 2011

Pink and Green

Indeed, the pink and green mix is known as classic preppy, but even on Nantucket, one can tweak the standard to produce a new look.

I've written both this summer and last about the tunic salad available on the island, but was hesitant to take a bite till I found the most unusual colour combination, tucked away in an unlikely shop.  It's a bright mossy green with rich fuschia flowers, a slim fit, and, well, just pleases me.

As I looked at the Indian cotton block-print, I realized it reminded me of one of my favourite hand-blocked wallpapers, from Adelphi.  That image is above.

But it also reminded me of the Priory Garden wllpaper from J. R. Burrows, seen below, although the colors in this historic print are more subdued.

And you know, it's impossible to be a wallflower in this "Proustian wallpaper" tunic.

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