Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hue, Britannia!

This summer is all about colour for me. 

I've completed two quilts, one a crazy melange of Liberty prints, the other a dialogue between vintage applique squares and primitive quilting (which means larger stitches and freehand designs) I've done with coloured embroidery floss. 

My family even beat the NYT to the punch with its Elvis-would-be-proud colourful-shoes story.

Now I want to turn to my home in a way I have never done: I want to paint parts of it.  I've already noted that I plan to reimagine my fireplace a la Vanessa Bell at Charleston, if I get the nerve, but a less public-room project might be transforming a chest of drawers. 

As you may know, I have a "thing" for the Union Jack as decoration, and have just seen a fantastic DIY project that I would like to emulate.

Look above at the bureau painted by clothing designer Sheridan French.  She was inspired by the chest of drawers painted in tradition Union Jack colours but updated it.  Would it not be a lark to try this as well?

Now for the colour palette.  I love the orange and pink pictured, but think that a turquoise or aqua and jade or pink combination could be smart.  (OK, maybe funky rather than smart.) 

Have gentle readers seen the Union Jack dressed up in any utterly desirable colour combinations?  I'm open to inspiration!

Possibilities: red and purple (inspired by a Zac Posen dress)


coffeeaddict said...

Let's see:
- teal, magenta and blush
- pistacchio, cornflower, orange
- cerulean, cognac, purple

This is fun :-)

Miss Cavendish said...

Very enticing combinations!!

WendyB said...

LOVE the color combo in the pic.