Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sipping Sorbet through a Straw: Wayuu Taya Summery Bags

Remember the clapping game "Sipping Cider through a Straw" from summer camp? 

Here at Camp Cavendish we're tweaking the lyrics in honor of these pretty sorbet-coloured straw bags by Wayuu Taya.

I saw these at Bona Drag, an ecclectic online boutique, and thought they'd be terrific for the beach or for summery jaunts.

There was, when I visited, only one left, so it may be cider, not sorbet, for our sipping straws.


Dorky Medievalist said...

Ha! I just read this recently:

Great minds and all that. Stars (or blogs) aligning to make me shop and all that.

une femme said...

The color combinations are so pretty!

Miss Cavendish said...

Fantastic, DM; I loved seeing the other colors!

Une Femme, you might like the other colors too. I will link tomorrow, when I am back on a proper computer instead of this temperamental tablet.

Tina Pishvaei said...

I too fell in love with them! I got mine at