Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

American friends beware: I may break into the Canadian national anthem randomly throughout the day.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been hitting the right notes, sartorially speaking.  She and the Duke are celebrating Canada Day (as well as Princess Diana's birthday?) in Ottawa today.

I graduated from the University of Ottawa and soooo miss the Rideau Canal (for running and ice-skating) as well as Parliament Hill, where we used to throw softballs on the lawn, in gentler times.

I thought that the Duchess looked so very elegant yesterday in her blue lace Erdem dress (Canadian-born designer!) and demi chignon.  And my, she looks so genuinely happy, which elevates her natural prettiness to another level.

I'm looking forward to following the royal Canadian visit this week.  Shall we tip our glass of good Canadian beer in celebration?  What's your favourite brew?



materfamilias said...

Happy Canada Day to you as well, Miss C. I'll be hanging out with my little granddaughter today, so probably will have to save the beer for tomorrow, but I imagine you'll be trying to find yourself a Moosehead. Enjoy!

K.Line said...

Happy Canada Day to you too. This one has been spectacular!