Monday, July 18, 2011

Sheer Layers

New York Magazine has stated that night for day has returned, in the form of sheer, nightgown inspired dresses for day. 

The magazine doesn't give any hints for wearing the sheer component out in public, aside from a slideshow of Real People "sleepwalking" in such dresses, but only one Real Person wore what I'd call truly sheer, and she paired it with black undergarments. (See the slideshow in the link above.)

I like the idea of going vibrant, as in this combination, below, by Shakauchi: 

However, I would definitely wear a colorful slip/petticoat that matches the camisole/bodysuit. If I were on So You Think You Can Dance, and dancing on stage, I'd skip the slip.

There's no room for the T logo on this sheer Tory Burch dress:

I'm imagining a black sheer dress worn with vibrant violet underpinnings.  The combinations are endless!


WendyB said...

I can't deal with layers! Too much thinking involved.

materfamilias said...

So pretty, but for me, the best thing about a dress is that is such an easy way to look polished. Worrying about layers instanctly subtracts that ease. I'm with WendyB