Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bloggers with Heart

I’m still technologically challenged, but hope to be up and running again on Monday. Right now it takes a frustrating hour to *try* to do what I usually can in 10 minutes.

But this post shouldn’t be about me.

Rather, before I picked up my Sunday NYT this morning, I checked out as many blogs as I could, and was struck by WendyB’s latest post.

Wendy wrote about Stephanie Nielson, a lovely young blogger and mother of four who, together with her husband, Christian, was seriously injured in a small-aircraft crash (their accompanying flight instructor died.) Stephanie was burned over 80% of her body and is in critical condition. Christian suffered burns over 30% of his body.

You can read the NYT account here.

Wendy, whose generosity matches her delightful rapier wit, is auctioning off one of her fabulous pieces of jewelry (did I mention that she designs gorgeous, medieval- and Renaissance-inspired pieces, in silver and gold?).

Proceeds will go to Stephanie’s medical and household expenses fund, and I hope that readers will click right over to Wendy’s site to bid.

I hadn’t read Stephanie’s blog before today, but I was charmed by her creativity. Just look at her post about getting her girls ready for school, complete with a beginning-of the year feast that incorporated a beautifully set table, temptingly delicious food, and a precious, hand-decorated crown for each girl.

Although the blogging world is made up largely of virtual friends, there’s a real sense of community, as evident in the outpouring of good wishes and donations for Stephanie from across the country.

I fully intend to bid on WendyB’s stunning necklace, but also wonder whether I should offer a modest auction for one of my tiny cakes—with the proceeds going to Stephanie, of course. Bidding would begin at $5 and progress in $5 increments. Let me know in comments if there’s any interest.


WendyB said...

Thank you so much for bidding, MissC.(And I'm glad to see this post because I was getting anxious about your whereabouts.) I think a tiny cake sounds delightful. I would bid!

Oh, and check back on my post...I added major bonus incentives.

K.Line said...

I'd bid!

miss cavendish said...

Wendy has indeed added stellar incentives. Just imagine having a piece of jewelry named after you! And even more importantly, imagine how much you could help out this beautiful family.

enc said...

I love how the blogging community gets together to help each other. This was a beautiful, compelling post.

Imelda Matt said...

I've never read her blog but the out pouring of goodwill is touching and WB should be congratulated.