Monday, September 22, 2008

A Tisket, A Tasket: TKOB

As I often discuss my penchant for mixing but never matching, I hope you’ll read this blog post as a written example of that practice.

* * *
I was honored and charmed to receive an “I love this blog” award from the delightful Songy last week, and, as is the custom, I’m going to pass it on.

Here are some of the style blogs I read daily, in random order:

The Thoughtful Dresser, which has a winning combination of style and all things literary from across the pond;

Thumbelina Fashionista, for a carefully vetted selection of clothes accompanied by beautifully written prose;

May/December, for a genial and welcoming approach to city/country style;

My Marrakesh, for a riot of gorgeous color, the author's humanitarianism, and her disarmingly charming voice;

K-Line, for her fellow Canadian-ness and love of “prim with an edge.”

* * *
Wintour in Fall revisited: Melissa has a smart post on BlogHer about the Anna-Wintour-photos-on-HuffPost episode.

After receiving complaints, HuffPost disingenuously countered that readers were too quick to look at the Wintour photos as negative, that it wasn’t implying that Anna was unattractive, so—so there! We’re at fault for seeing Anna as imperfect.

Melissa responded to this and linked to me, which is how I found her post. She analyzes the photos in a significant manner: she compares them to that famous illustration from psychology class—look at it one way and it’s an elderly woman; look at another and it’s a young beauty. Go check it out. . .

* * *
Readers have spoken and so have my daughters: I’m going for the gold. Sorry brown/black shoes; you just weren’t a showstopper. The search continues . . .

* * *
If you read the NYT this weekend, you might imagine that I’d have something to say about the fashionable professors photographer for the magazine. I do indeed. Stay tuned!


Songy said...

Jolly intrigued. All together interesting with the mixed but not matched photo. I'm happy for the gold shoes.

off I to go check out the new blogs you mentioned.

enc said...

I was voted down! Oh well.

I'm glad you kept the gold shoes, they are beautiful.

I'm going off to read that bit about Anna Wintour now.

enc said...

Sorry, I forgot to say "Congratulations" to you, miss cav, for receiving the award from Songy!

K.Line said...

Thank you so much for the award, Miss C! In the close up, those gold shoes look even better. I think you've made the perfect choice...

bronwyn said...

Congrats on the award....I'm off to explore the blogs I don't know yet.

Sal said...

Ah well. I'm sure you'll find fabulous ways to work those goldies into regular rotation.

Curious to read the BlogHer post - thanks for the tip.

Emily said...

those shoes are truly phenomenal and congrats on the award! xxx

Sal said...

OK, just read that FANTASTIC post from Melissa Ford. Favorite line, "...naked women accept that there will be contradictions due to our complexity because the opposite would be lives that are too narrow to contain meaning." Wise, wise words.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Thanks for the kudos!! And I love the cream/gold MJs.

Imelda Matt said...

amen...see ya later sad brown and black shoes, hello exciting shoes that will lift your skirt.