Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Dress in Every Port

The Cowboy Junkies sang (on soundtrack) as Ports 1961 presented at Bryant Park.

To my eye, though, a visual touchstone is Emily Carr. What say my fellow Canadians?

Some pieces are wearable, if a tad ladies-who-lunch, like this yellow ensemble.

Some look pretty, but possibly painful,

or classic with a welcome twist.

Should we lower the chair for Ports 1961? (If this question is confusing, please read the Emily Carr link.)


ryder said...

everything looks prettyy. this was in ny?

Anonymous said...

This Canadian (living in the US now) thinks we should indeed lower the chair.

Lovely clothes.


Paul Pincus said...
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ambika said...

I absolutely adore all of these. What a wonderful reminder that sometimes a simple, well-constructed dress and an amazing accessory are all you need.

Couture Carrie said...

Ports 1961 has become one of my faves - love the shorter dresses in this collection!