Friday, September 12, 2008

Moncler, Mon Cher

While New York is focused on Spring 2009, I’m looking forward to the first snowfall. And the second.

Although I grew up on the beach, summers in Canada are notoriously short, and our thoughts turn to winter fairly quickly, come September.

This fall, I was helped along by the Gorsuch catalogue, purveyor of all things during- and après-ski chic.

As you might recall, I have a blatantly Alpine-inspired bag, but I don’t look to Gorsuch for its edelweiss embroidery on shoes, its loden jackets, or its Oleana sweaters (although I *do* have an Oleana blanket. Mine's the red-and-white check).

Rather, I focus on the Moncler outerwear, which is usually stylish and sleek.

I like Moncler because it’s sporty. I grew up skiing, not downhill, but racing cross-country (I competed in Nova Scotia’s provincials one year, while there in boarding school).

The Moncler jacket I’d wear is unfussy, sans hood or fur trim. It’s appropriate on a cross-country trail or while stomping off the snow on your way into Holts for some treats.

I’d shove a beret on my head, pull some Norwegian-knit mittens or some long leather gloves, and be ready for winter!


WendyB said...

I'm always ogling Moncler jackets. I like the Spy Bag they did for Fendi too.

Kelly said...

That tent picture is too cool! I want to go hide away there!

miss cavendish said...

WendyB, Oooh--I don't know the Moncler Spy bag . . .

Kelly, I just saw that you live in a cabin! This tent would be a great "little" addition to your yard!

Sal said...

Funny. I desperately want it to cool off here in MN so I can bust out the tights and boots, but simultaneously fear the descent of Winter with a capital W. Because once it's here, it'll stick around until early May. Aren't you a little apprehensive? Or is it the snow itself you're yearning for, not just frigid temps?

miss cavendish said...


I like the cold as long as there's snow because it insulates my house! But I do prefer a cooler temperature generally (I blame it on my Canadian roots.)

enc said...

Oh, how I would LOVE to get my hands on that jacket.

miss cavendish said...

enc, It reminds me of your Ducati jacket, only quilted and down-filled!

Anonymous said...

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