Thursday, September 11, 2008

Literary Fashion; or, The Book-Her Prize

To join in on the celebration of Linda Grant’s novel, The Clothes on Their Backs, which was just named to the short list for the Booker Prize, I thought I’d share some of my favorite literary fashions.

When reading the works that these clothes are taken from, I truly wanted to wear each garment, whether I was eight, a graduate student, or an associate professor.

There’s nothing shocking or new, just clothes that have stood the test of time for me.

Here’s my short list, in no particular order:

Lady Brett Ashley’s tweed skirts and jersey pullovers (Hemingway)

Helga Crane’s slippers from the beginning of Quicksand (Larsen)

The Parisian dress inside Adele’s “boite” (Bronte)

Catherine’s striped French sailor shirts (Hemingway again!)

Hero’s boots (Marlowe)

Anne of Green Gables’ puffed sleeves (Montgomery)


enc said...

I can't believe I've never pondered which literary fashion is my favorite. You have sparked the thought process for me, miss cav!

I love all your choices. You have superb taste!

Imelda Matt said...

I'm going to ponder this question today because the only garment that comes to mind is Scarlett O'Hara's red 'walk of shame' dress she wears to Mr Ashley's party.