Thursday, September 25, 2008

Like Mike? Of Kors!

I’ve been guilty of underestimating Michael Kors for the past several years. When he began on Project Runway, I feared that he was going to become a caricature, à la Issac Mizrahi, and then I noticed his diffusion line anywhere and everywhere, it seemed.

But Michael has slowly, carefully (Korsfully?) been winning my fashion heart.

One of his fall looks—a watercolor purple/green coat paired with a classic skirt and sweater—was a teaser in Vogue a few months ago, and I was intrigued.

Then on Sunday, the NYT showed a leopard print bolero (made out of silk and wool) on one of its stylish professors and I visited Kors’ website to see exactly what he had in mind for fall.

I adore his trim little suits, his use of silver, and his fitted dresses. His clothes can be a little too “department store” for me, but a few pieces judiciously tailored (some dresses are too long, I think), could be lovely staples.

I’d get a pair of black motorcycle-inspired boots to wear with the long silver dress above.

Because it’s so uncharacteristic of me, I’d wear this suit as is—matching top and bottom! (But no fur scarf, thanks.)

This purple dress would be lovely for the classroom.

And this for an evening out.

If I can’t have my (and your) beloved Jil Sander, this little gray number might do. The corseted waist reminds me just enough of Alaia.

I suppose that the Kors deal was sealed when, last night, I flipped to Bravo TV and caught a couple of episodes of the Rachel Zoe Project. Of course, a zillion puns came to mind before I watched it (the Flair Witch Project?), but I was intrigued once again, as Ms. Zoe clearly demonstrated her serious, respectful attitude toward fashion. (Compare her to the vapid, vain Kimora Lee Simmons, for instance.)

One of the episodes situated her at Fashion Week in New York’s Bryant Park, and as I saw familiar clothing coming down the catwalk, I felt my style sense start to tingle: Zoe was at a Michael Kors show, and the clothing looked good.

So I’ve had a mind-opening couple of days, which I always welcome. And maybe some Kors will find its way into my closet.
***UPDATE: As I look at the hemlines in the cold, hard light of morning, I'm second guessing myself. I still like the purple and the leopard, but the other two looks are coming across as sloppy. So maybe this isn't a love match after all . . . What do you think?


Imelda Matt said...

I'm going to trust you on this one...

Songy said...

He has won my heart Korsfully. I'd go all out with that fur scarf. that line is so lean and long i'm sure I can have my legs look elongated... way long. lol

WendyB said...

Well, hemlines are easy enough to fix!

K.Line said...

I think you have it spot on when you say he's a bit department store. (I'd never have come up with that but it's so true!) Having said this, I too have been noticing his stuff lately. It has a very elegant mien. It's so respectful of a woman's shape and is never trashy. I think the key, with this stuff, is to wear it judiciously. You can't head to toe it (like you might with Stella M). You need to find the edge to offset its prim!

Emily said...

welcome back, mr. kors! i'm all about that printed purple dress!

Sal said...

I'm loving the leopard and gray, but the other three look ... yucky-shiny. My overtaxed brain can only summon that made-up adjective for them. Apologies.

miss cavendish said...

Shiny can code cheap, or a worn-to-death sheen. I know what you mean. I'd like to check out these looks in person . . .