Thursday, September 11, 2008

To a Tee

It’s 12:00 a.m.

I wore a white t-shirt yesterday.

I’m still shaken.

I wore it with a matte cotton taffeta saffron-colored skirt and a bold necklace of big amber chunks connected by small turquoise chunks. I wore high navy blue cut-out heels and piled my hair up.

But you know, I’m wishing I had worn eggplant on top (with different accessories, bien sur).

Anything but white.

I love white on other people, but on me, I feel it’s too lady-like, too outfitty (even with jeans), it’s too, too go-to, I guess, too predictable a choice. Even if it looks “good,” my skin starts to crawl.

I wore it, though, and I like to think I worked it. (I was cool and collected during the day and am releasing all my fretting now.)

Is there a color—or a style—or a combination of both—that you can’t bear to wear?

Today is definitely going to be an eggplant** day.

**Aubergine for my particular pal K.Line


WendyB said...

I got a white BLOUSE recently after avoiding them for years because I think they look terrible on me. I hope I don't find that my original assessment was correct.

miss cavendish said...

I avoid those too--but then, I avoid anything with a collar . . . I'll bet your blouse looks glam on you!

Sal said...

Wow. Such a visceral reaction to a color that is intrinsic to many wardrobes!

Can't do navy and red together. I adore navy and wear it constantly, but with red, I feel like a sailor wannabe. Or a Talbots clone. Oh, and can't do red and khaki too much either. Target employees have spoilt that for me ...

K.Line said...

Thanks for calling it aubergine! I really don't like pastels. Esp. peachy pastels. I think they look horrendous on me (and on most people actually). I'm not at my best in white either. But, um, I have to draw the line somewhere :-)

Lindsay said...

Another vote here for pastels as palette most likely to look a bit dodgy. I also discovered recently that I can't take myself seriously in a puffed sleeve or a peter pan collar.

enc said...

I'm sorry you weren't comfortable. I hope you won't put yourself through that again!

I can't wear a white button-front, shirt.

I am great in a white t-shirt, though.