Friday, September 26, 2008

Glove Story

This post may seem predicated on what I just wrote about hands, but they really aren’t meant to be connected. (This one was in the works long before I read the story on beautiful hands; I was just waiting for the weather to turn.)

But the weather is still maddeningly warm and I still want to write about gloves.

There’s something romantic about wearing gloves that extend to one’s elbow. I love the idea of a bracelet-length sleeve on a coat, with a couple of stunning cuffs.

This fall I’m seeing opera-length leather gloves in all sorts of lovely colors. My caveat (and this applies to opaque tights too) is: choose your color wisely, lest you end up resembling a Muppet.

But if you wear these beauties just right, say, with a blue-jeans edge, you’ll pull off a delightful combination of funky elegance. (I’ve ordered a pair from Prada; will report back when they arrive.)


Imelda Matt said...

Unfortunately since moving to Sydney I've had no need for gloves, so they sit unloved and unworn in my glove drawer. Heartbreaking.

La Belette Rouge said...

In Chicago I got to wear gloves for months. Now I am in L.A. and the dyas when gloves are required are few and far between. I just bought the black gloves from Jcrew that are in your photo. I am planning on wearing them with a short sleeved jacket and with bracelets over them. I hope I like them as much as I imagine I will.

Emily said...

such wonderfully romantic photos...i love the idea of scarves too, but i fear i'd just come across as costumey if i ever tried it.

enc said...

This sounds just perfect. I can't wait to hear how the Pradas work out. I've always loved long gloves. My mother used to wear O-Ls with sleeveless dresses.

Songy said...

Yay. I love gloves. I wear them when I drive.

a: don't want to get tanned while driving.. blazing sun in Perth should be avoided.

b: leather gloves on a leather steering is the best when driving. don't know why.

prada gloves? Yum. I saw a pair of really long grey ones yesterday. should have bought them. oh well one of those things. I'm sure I could get them some time later. Summer is coming after all.

Absolutely Unique said...

I adore gloves too! They are so romantic. I loved your blog!