Monday, September 8, 2008

Leather that Rocks

Although I am positively, unabashedly opposed to his and her dressing,

I do think

that this stunning Gucci Russian rock studded leather jacket

would smolder

next to this

studded leather coat by Alberta Ferretti.

But on a gorgeous couple

that is far, far away

from me,


** photo of Gucci jacket from Japanese web magazine Openers


WendyB said...

That first jacket is divine.

miss cavendish said...

WendyB, Ths funniest thing happened: I just noticed that I had scanned the Gucci ad with the tiny Stephanie figurehead still on the screen.

So my original post had a "Where's Waldo?" moment, with tiny Stephanie hiding in the image. I could have left it (twas in the Bergdorf Goodman image in the following post too), but didn't.

Could be a fun parlour game, though!

K.Line said...

You know, I'm not so much for the jacket (no offense to you or Wendy) but that coat is amazing!!

enc said...

Ha ha! Great idea.

Sal said...

Agreed. On both counts.

Songy said...

I would rather wear that gucci man's and forget about his and hers dressing. :P